Green Island is a friendly suburb, almost with a rural feel and a very strong community bond. We are situated within the business district, close to the shopping area with a chemist, grocery store, post office and numerous food outlets. The community is mixed with retired people and many young families who are moving into the new subdivisions being developed in the surrounding catchment area. Currently our staff comprise of, 6 part time Doctors, 6 part time practice nurses, a practice manager and 5 administrators. Exciting times are ahead for staff and patients as we look to develop new premises.

If you change your address or phone number please let us know. It is also very important to give your new address to any specialists you are currently seeing, and to the hospital if you are waiting on an outpatient appointment or surgery.

Our people


  • Dr Astrid Windfuhr
  • Dr Neil Bungard
  • Dr Nigel Thompson
  • Dr Daniel Then
  • Dr Hayley Foster
  • Dr Madeleine Burton


  • Linda
  • Eve
  • Kristin
  • Natasha
  • Lisa
  • Andrea

Nurse Prescriber

  • Kirstin Bright

Healthcare Assistant

  • Stacey

Practice Manager

  • Katrina Still


  • Karen
  • Judy
  • Sharyn
  • Melanie
  • Helen